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're trying to see. >> do you recruit? >> i've been very involved in medical student education for years. at least indirectly i hope i have been recruiting in psychiatry for a long period of time. >> do you have more to say on why there aren't more recruits? have you thought of going into sigh kapsychiatry yourself? >> no, no. >> where does freud stand today? >> freud is unfashionable. a lot of what he contributed was enormously useful and continues to be. >> i declared him to be the of e century. >> he was an astonishingly original thinker. >> do you have comments on the safety aspects of drug taking? >> i want to point out that the conditions that these drugs eliminate or help with are more dangerous than the drugs. anxiety is really bad for your body. sleeplessness is very bad for your mental and physical health, so these drugs, if they're helping you with these conditions, you're doing yourself a favor. ssri's are non-addictive and you can't overdais. they're fairly safe. >> you prescribe these drugs, right? >> yes. >> you see the addictions, do you not? >> it is something that we ca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)